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If you or your club would like to run a local Turnpoint Challenge,

please provide us with some initial contact details so that we can discuss your requirements and

get the "ball rolling" .

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What a difference it made to my flying ... Having something to focus on while flying took my average flights from 30 mins to over an hour.  Amazing what you can achieve when you have a purpose!

Jacqx Bryanna

It was a lot of fun, taught me a lot and I look forward to getting on the next one.

An enthusiastic fledgling paraglider

It taught me how to use my flight deck and how to focus on targets. 

Also many of the turnpoints were useful for pinpointing potential thermals.

An excited low hour pilot

This made task setting a little easier on training days.  
It was also a great way to introduce lower hour pilots to the concept of tasks and waypoints.


A competition pilot

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Melbourne - Victoria - Australia

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