The VHPA is the Regional Association of the SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation of Australia) and is responsible for fostering the sports of Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Weight Shift Microlighting (trikes) in Victoria.

Bright Flight Paragliding

Bright Flight Paragliding is Victoria's Premier Paragliding school.  Offering everything from tandems, licence courses and coaching to gear sales, line trimming and reserve repacks.  All of our staff are active members of the Victoria Flying community and pillars of the wider paragliding community.
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Fly2Base is your One-Stop Paragliding Shop with expert advice and friendly customer service. We have everything you need to get your feet off the ground.

Manilla Paragliding

Manilla Paragliding has since 1993 been the Australian importer for Advance and other leading brands of equipment such as Flytec, Naviter, Ascent and Hanwag.  They import and stock all paragliding equipment. 


This website has been put together by a handful of paragliders who were passionate about setting up a fun and informal challenge that allows fellow flyers an opportunity to experience the excitement of hunting turn points and competing with other pilots.

We don't have the deep pockets of software companies.  In fact, everything done so far has been voluntary.  If as a pilot you love what we've done and you've enjoyed taking part in the challenges then we'd appreciate anything you could donate to help us reach our funding goal.


The Turn Point Challenge has been put together by a couple of paragliders who had an inspired idea for getting fellow flyers off the ground and challenging themselves to improve their flying abilities without the need to participate in formal competitions.

Knowing their target market usually funnels spare funds into travel and flying equipment they have decided to keep the Turn Point Challenge free again this year for all participants.

Everything that has been created to run the Turn Point Challenge (the technology for scoring & mapping, the website, the promotional material) has been created by a small group of enthusiastic VOLUNTEERS.  All of their time and knowledge and resources (of which there has been much) has been happily donated to ensure the Turn Point Challenge is even bigger and better than last year.

As such, we would like to say a massive thank you to the people & businesses that have provided some sponsorship funding ... this helps pays for website hosting, software costs, promotions and prizes for the end of the season.  


With much thanks

Duane Wilson, Mike Chapman, Peter Kemeny, Jan Bennewitz, Ramon Collodetti, David Snowdon & Jacqx Bryanna


Melbourne - Victoria - Australia

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