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A fun informal challenge to encourage pilots to stretch their
wings & venture away from the hill



Our Turnpoint Challenges are a fun XC-based challenge encouraging pilots to explore some of the most beautiful areas across the World. 
Pilots can experience flying over remote beaches, amazing mountain areas and quintessential flatlands whilst learning how to use their flight instruments to find turnpoints and tag them.

The Turnpoint Challenge is highly accessible.  It is a friendly non-time based and inclusive format that encourages pilots of any level to get involved wherever they are and when the conditions suit their flying abilities.

Pilots new to XC have a great opportunity to learn XC skills, intermediate pilots can expand their horizons and it is a must-do for experienced XC pilots who can push new routes and tag remote turnpoints.



There are 2 categories that you can score points in during a challenge.  Both happen automatically each time you upload a tracklog. 

  1. Most unique turnpoints tagged during the entire turnpoint challenge

  2. Most unique turnpoints tagged during a single flight



Clubs and other state-level entities have already started inquiring about using our platform for running local challenges.
Remember that there are no geographic boundaries and no time constraints. 

Run a challenge for a day or a season.  Run it over multiple states or just for your local launch. 
The hardest part is deciding which turnpoints you'd like to include and how long the challenge will run.

The turnpoint challenge platform is currently free to use if the challenge is free for pilots to enter.
If you are wanting to charge pilots an entry fee then we will ask for a small fee to help us make ends meet.

If you'd like to enquire about running a turnpoint challenge, click the button below.

What a difference it made to my flying ... Having something to focus on while flying took my average flights from 30 mins to over an hour.  Amazing what you can achieve when you have a purpose!

Jacqx Bryanna

It was a lot of fun, taught me a lot and I look forward to getting on the next one.

An enthusiastic fledgling paraglider

It taught me how to use my flight deck and how to focus on targets. 

Also many of the turnpoints were useful for pinpointing potential thermals.

An excited low hour pilot

This made task setting a little easier on training days.  
It was also a great way to introduce lower hour pilots to the concept of tasks and waypoints.


A competition pilot

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Melbourne - Victoria - Australia

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